No. Subscriptions do not include Epic Avatars.


Avatar types explained:

• Regular (tier 1): Avatars that are purchased with Plug Points. These Avatars have a level restriction on them for non-subscribers, but can be purchased and used at any level as a subscriber.

• Subscriber (tier 2): Avatars that Gold subscribers get access to for FREE with no level restriction to use for as long as they are a Gold subscriber.* 

• Epic (tier 3): Avatars that are directly purchased with cash (or a large amount of Plug Points) at any level. These Avatars are typically twice as large (2 times height + 2 times width) as Regular Avatars. These are not included with a Gold subscription.


Avatar Type   Normal Gold Subscriber Epic
Gold Subscriber   Plug Points Included* Cash
Non-subscriber   Plug Points Subscription Only Cash


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    Ebubekir Buvet

    I want to cancel my subscription and I'm determined definitive Please cancel

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    Give me a sub please

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