We've added user-friendly locators that can be added to the tail-end of the Dashboard URL ( https://plug.dj/dashboard/ ) to link directly to specific areas on plug.dj.


URL: plug.dj/dashboard#playlist-create
Action: Takes user to the dashboard and opens the "Create Playlist" dialog window



#shop-avatars - Opens Avatar Shop panel

#shop-extras - Opens Extras Shop panel

#shop-badges - Opens Badge Shop panel

#settings-app - Opens Application tab under Settings panel 

#settings-account - Opens Account tab under Settings panel

#playlists - Opens Your Playlists panel

#playlist-import - Opens Import tab under Your Playlists

#playlist-create - Opens Create playlist window under Your Playlists

#my-profile - Opens My Profile panel

#my-avatars - Opens My Avatars tab under My Stuff panel

#my-badges - Opens My Badges tab under My Stuff panel

#my-purchases - Opens Purchase History tab under My Stuff panel

#friends - Opens All Friends tab under Friends panel 

#favorites - Opens Favorites under Communities panel

#community-settings - Opens General tab under Community Settings panel (when you're in a Community); Opens Population tab under Communities when you're on the Dashboard 


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