Note: Only Managers, Co-Hosts, & Hosts can utilize these functions in chat.

To use these new chat methods you use the @ just like if you were chatting to someone specific. The different ways to have staff chat are:

@djs: ­ Mentions everyone in the waitlist. This can be a great way to let everyone know a room event is about to start.

@rdjs: ­ Mentions all Resident DJs. This is great for letting the rdj's know to shuffle their playlists or to stay active in chat.

@bouncers: ­ Mentions all bouncers in the community. Another great way to let other staff know someone is playing out of genre or spamming inappropriate things in chat. Bouncers can use this to notify fellow Bouncers.

@managers: ­ Mentions all managers. Much quicker and easier process to let fellow Managers know you need some help!

@hosts:­ Mentions all hosts and co hosts. A good way to reach out to all the hosts about any rules that may need to be tweaked or established.

@staff:­ Mentions all staff in the community. This is perfect to notify all staff to get them to help say hello to new community members, answer questions, or help moderate when need be.

@everyone: Mentions everyone in the community. Perfect to let the entire community know if there is an event starting! Only Host/Co-Hosts can use this feature.


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