• Blue username - a plug.dj Admin. They also have the plug.dj logo next to their name in chat.
  • Green username - a Brand Ambassador. They have a green microphone next to their name in chat.
  • Purple username - a Community Staff member. They will also be marked by either a vinyl plate (Resident DJs), or a chevron sign, which separates the different positions. One ^ is a Bouncer, two means it is a Manager and three means that it is a Co-Host or the Host.
  • Golden username - a Gold Subscriber, they also have a crown by their name.
  • Yellow username - yourself, to more easily separate it from the rest of the chat.
  • Gray username - people without moderation permissions.
  • Purple text - notification of moderation actions in chat (i.e. force skipping, removing from the Wait List or banning)
  • Blue border box - System Alert

plug.dj Ranks:

Moderation Messages:

System Alert:


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