This is called when a user joins the community. It passes a user object.


API.on(API.USER_JOIN, listener);


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    Grant Sommer

    In basicBot, when a user joins it says, Welcome back, [USERNAME]
    How do they do that?

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    Brand Ambassador Team

    I'm not exactly a pro at this, but this should work:

    function fancyName(obj){
    API.sendChat('Welcome back, ' + obj.username);
    API.on(API.USER_JOIN, fancyName);


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    Brand Ambassador

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    It seems like since the addition of guests, this event doesn't always fire. Seems to be when they're in the room as a guest and they login that way, though I've been unable to duplicate that myself.

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    Shouldn't this fire when I change room or is there a room change event ?

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