API.moderateBanUser(userID, duration)

If you have permission, permanently bans a user from the community. You can include a reason id (1-5) to avoid showing the dialog. Valid durations are API.BAN.HOUR, API.BAN.DAY and API.BAN.PERMA. If you pass any value other than those it will set it to API.BAN.PERMA (so if you leave it out, it will be a permanent ban) except for bouncers where it will default to API.BAN.HOUR.

Promotion Permissions per Role

  Resident DJ Bouncer Manager Co-Host Host
Hour Ban  
Day Ban  
Permanent Ban    


    "HOUR": "h",
    "DAY": "d",
    "PERMA": "f"


// ban for an hour 
API.moderateBanUser(3703511, API.BAN.HOUR);
// ban for a day
API.moderateBanUser(3703511, API.BAN.DAY);
// permanently ban
API.moderateBanUser(3703511, API.BAN.PERMA);


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