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    so API.getUser(id).permission; is now API.getUser(id).role; ?

    ( i have id variable above the code )

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    Tristan Lobb

    What is the max length of "username"? 255?

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    Benjamin Kristensen

    Why is the wlIndex gone?!

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    Gareth C

    This is definitely not accurate. A User object looks more like this..

    "id": 3537239,
    "username": "gdude2002",
    "avatarID": "80s14",
    "language": "en",
    "joined": "2013-10-20 01:29:25.497000",
    "level": 8,
    "role": 5,
    "gRole": 0,
    "status": 0,
    "badge": 2,
    "vote": 0,
    "grab": false,
    "priority": 0,
    "_position": {
    "c": 91,
    "r": 21
    "blurb": "Fluttershy best pony",
    "ep": 32454,
    "pVibes": [],
    "pw": true,
    "slug": "gdude2002",
    "xp": 13489,
    "friend": false

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    Why are the user objects from USER_JOIN , API.getUser and API.getUsers different? They are not the same objects.

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    ^^^ yes this is rather annoying I expect I should get the same data from API.getUser(uid) as API.getUsers

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    Ben Milman

    Would it be possible for this to return the user's current level?

    Also, does this only work if the user is in the room?

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    "slug" seems to be included in user object for some users but not others. all users i've tested have a page. has anyone figured out what the deal is?

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    Maybe if the user has not reached a profile level it doesn't show ?

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    it didn't seem to be based on level. all of the 20-ish users i had tested this with were of high enough level to have a profile page, but only like 5 of them had the slug included in their user object.

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    Talos Ahn

    or maybe, it's simply that the "slug" propertie is only included if the user has defined a "blurb" a.k.a the small description on profile page ?

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    i looked into that possibility as well, but it didn't hold up. (some users with "blurbs" set did not have slug string returned in user object)

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