Why have I stopped earning XP today?




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    Why was this limit implemented? I feel as though it isn't rewarding the users that are active for several hours a day. They're earning the exact same amount of XP as the people that are far less active. This might sound pathetic, but I've had nothing to do for several days, and spent roughly 16-20 hours a day on plug.dj, and I would like that to be recognized rather than being put on the same level as the users that might only be online for a handful of hours. If you're going to implement a point system, why not make it fair and have it evenly distribute points to those that earn them?

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    Hi 5eth,
    The main reason why it was added is because these users, myself included, will spend hours at a time on plug levelling up to the point where they've reached a level which hasn't even been devleoped or finished yet.

    If you want to go read more check out Steven's post over here:- http://support.plug.dj/hc/communities/public/questions/200305499-Ideas-for-reworking-the-xp-system#answer-200663345

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    I read Steven's response, but I still don't understand a few things. Why not nerf the entire system rather than putting the hardworking users on the same level as the ones that aren't online as frequently? I'm not suggesting that the system be left as it is when expanded. I understand the problem where the levels should not be reached until they are developed. The problem right now where users would be leveling too quickly if the cap didn't exist could easily be remedied by something such as this: Halve the xp that anyone can earn in the current total cap period (from what I tested yesterday, when I was online for around 30 hours, it was roughly 6 hours of xp gain) and spread it over twice the length. If users now are earning 300 xp in 6 hours, make that 300 xp in 12 hours. Keep the current system of the soft cap, as well, so that xp gain slows as time goes on. This way, the users that are on for 12 hours aren't even earning a drastic amount more than the ones online for 6 or so, but they are still being rewarded for the time that they spend on to the website.

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    Cody Swartz

    Why not have two meters? One that shows time invested, and the other which is your "level"
    Or have a ridiculous leveling system like thesixtyone, where it starts taking ridiculous amounts of time to get the next level - although I don't really care for that.... : \
    Why not just have some levels that don't reward anything?

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    The leveling systém sucks...

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