What are they?

Experience Points (XP) are given by spending time on the site. This means we've moved on from the system where your DJ activity and score would influence your points. 

What are they for?

Each Level on plug.dj has a higher XP requirement than the previous level, spend time online to gain XP, gain XP to level up! It's that simple.

When do I earn them?

Unlike Plug Points (PP), the earnings of XP are limited to what we call "ticks". Every 5 minutes you spend online on the site, a "tick" happens where you earn XP and PP, at a random decreasing amount.

You can earn up to 72 ticks of XP in a day which is equivalent to 6 hours worth of XP. You can still earn Plug Points after you've earned all your XP ticks for the day.

This cap resets everyday at midnight UTC.


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