Click on the Playlists button in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open up the playlist panel and then click the Create button to create a new playlist.

Advanced tip: You can also create a new playlist by dragging and dropping one (or many) items from a list (like DJ History or Search Results) to a blank area in the list of playlists, or onto the Create button. Doing so will allow you to create a new list that contains all of your selected items!

You can also create a playlist by “Grabbing” a video that is currently playing in a community, by clicking the Grab button followed and then clicking “Create Playlist”


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    Miguel Ignacio Dan


  • Bb0858e001d548d60bfae8768b3e3040?
    Jordan Truesdell

    I couldent add things to my playlist

  • E398c0624bc6e42f7ba061d46534f6f0?
    Joseph Nicholas

    I can't add anything to my playlists. Trying to import my playlists into this site and it's telling me a csv file is an invalid file type as well as .xls, .xlxs, etc. Can't get anything to upload and can't get any of my new playlists to actually show up in the playlist section. WTF is up?

  • F55ab429c60906ff1f455d088b80d1b3?

    i can't add anything to my playlists either.  wtf?!  how did you proceed joseph nicholas????

  • 217421a5ac607d2cc6bc5bc488711513?
    Leah Rebecca Pillow

    it won't let me add anything to my playlist.

  • 74cf916cce3c58e97ce7682d3b9161c1?
    Aria s

    theres no button

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